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2020/11/14 U.S. Bayh–Dole Act passed in 1980 allows researchers to retain inventorship under government funding.
2020/11/09 U.S. Bobby Fischer was an American chess grandmaster. He won U.S. championship at age 14 and world championship at age 29 during cold war era.
2020/10/28 U.S. Current and former presidents are not allowed to drive.
2020/06/14 Math Law of unconscious statistician
2020/01/02 Biology Live bufferfly’s wing doesn’t lean that forward (link)
2019/11/06 Biology Farber is a pioneer for treating cancer with drugs (chemotherapy)
2020/04/01 Medical PCA is a rare form of dementia that affects vision
2020/05/01 Medical Anti-viral drug remdesivir works by terminating RNA polymerase activity of covid19
2020/10/28 Biotech Mission Bio is like 10x but target sequencing library prep on single cell.
2019/08/01 Biotech Clonoseq from Adaptive biotech is an FDA approved NGS assay for monitoring minimal residual diseases in bone marrow sample in Lymphold cancer. The alternative is multiparametric flow cytometry but clonoseq is (10-100x) more sensitive.
2020/04/01 Machine learning Transforming autoencoder uses capsules to learn pose of features.
2020/04/01 History Al Hubbard was LSD pioneer (How to change your mind)
2019/12/22 History Islam’s first Khalifa (ruler): Abu Bakr. Second: Omar
2019/10/24 History George Whitefield is a Methodist preacher associated with great awakening
2020/04/01 History Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer who introduced apple tree in US.
2020/04/01 U.S. The 3 clue method (MSV: meaning,sentence structure, visual) for english learning is bad. Better way is to learn phonics and read the word.
2020/05/01 U.S. 1619 project by NYT is a series of essays focus on early American slavery. It has drawn criticism as non-historical and promote democratic identity politics
2020/05/01 U.S. Cottage food law allows people to sell homemade foods. Regulation varies by state
2020/05/01 U.S. Ray Dalio found Bridgewater (an investment firm) in CT
2020/04/01 U.S. Fort Knox stores most gold in the U.S.
2020/05/01 U.S. Ana Monte was a Cuban spy at the top of DIA
2020/05/01 U.S. Police officer can pull you over for any reason he can come up with (supported by a supreme court case), and search your car with warranty because he has reasonable suspicsion.
2020/05/01 Psychology To change people’s mind, ask people to explain why they believe in something. That lowers their confidence. (source: a podcast)
2019/05/01 Linux There are three copy and paste buffers: cutbuffer (depreciated), PRIMARY selection (when copy paste with mouse selection and middle click), and CLIPBOARD (when using copy and paste from menu). VNC syncs cutbuffer that’s why copy and paste between host and client often doesn’t work. (autoselcut)
2019/11/01 Business Porter’s five forces that shapes strategy: Established rivals, customers, suppliers, entrants, substitute offerings
2020/04/01 Business Executive presence: confidence, courage, connect (from a training)
2020/04/01 Business Good email subject line: Summarize the message. Not generic. Clearly communicate the purpose.
2014/08/01 Business Leadership is to do things (1) for the benefit of a group, and (2) that one wasn’t asked to do. (link)
2014/03/01 Business In an age when innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, it also cares about a lot of soft skills — leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn. (NYT)
2014/03/01 Business Vision is really the currency you have as a CEO (link)
2013/12/01 Business The ultimate definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is always thinking he can do things a different, better way. (linkedin)
2014/03/01 Business It’s rewarding experience to work for companies at different stages of business cycle. (link)
2014/03/01 Business World rewards execution rather than idea. (Source:Scott Adam Book)
2020/04/01 Business Some good management advice: (Manger’s playbook)
2019/05/01 Music 6/8 time signature: Counts 1 2 3 4 5 6. 8th note is 1 beat.
2019/03/01 Religion Gnostics believes material world is evil so the gods who created it must also be evil. Salvation comes from knowing the secret knowledge.
2014/05/01 Opinion The world is not necessarily run by geniuses; it’s run by people you can count on. (link)
2014/06/01 Opinion Narcissists fear death with great dread, and rightly so, for death is the great equalizer that obliterates everything they strive for. (quora)
2017/11/01 Opinion people who grew up poor has more appetite for risk because they originally had nothing and being wealth is not their identity (NYT)
2014/08/01 Opinion We are biased towards people who never give up, who never quit; and that’s something you can’t find on a resume.
2014/08/01 Opinion The difference between successful and very successful person that the very successful person says no to almost anything.
2013/04/01 Opinion Happiness of life is that you can feel the excitement to live.
2013/11/01 Opinion The most fruitful paradigm shift in human history is first to view the universe as mechanical, then the human body, and finally the human mind.  (Inspired by scott adam’s book in which he treat human bodies as moist robots)
2013/11/01 Opinion Better alternatives is a way to break addiction. That way you don’t need a lot of will power to achieve. (from Scott Adam’s book, where he mentioned you can eat as much healthier food as you want in order to break the carb addiction)
2019/06/01 Misc Autopen is a device to forge signature for celebrities and politicians